Inventory Details & Specifications for 14ft Crestliner 1448MT CR JON - Utility Boat

Crestliner 1448MT CR JON - Utility BoatOnly $4,299.00*IN STOCK*

Status: New
Length: 14ft
Program Year: 2019
Price: $4,299.00
Item Number: C148MT

Description & Standard Equipment:

CR JON - A workhorse on water

Whether you hit the water with fishing or a heavy-duty task in mind, this is the boat to answer. Get more done with the CR Jon boat from Crestliner.

Model 1448MT - It’s always a good time for a fishing break!
You may work hard a lot, but you deserve some quality time on the water with this no-frills aluminum jon boat. Durable, roomy and with formed-in spray rails for a drier ride, the 1400 CR Jon is a great way to spend some time on the water.

Painted, interior & exterior (Olive drab)

Overall Length: 14'
Beam: 70"
• Chine Width: 48"
• Side Depth: 21"
Transom Height: 20"
• Weight (Boat only, dry): 260#
• Max Weight Capacity: 825#
Max Person Capacity: 4
• Min HP Capacity: 9.9
• Max HP Capacity: 25

Aluminum Gauge Bottom: 0.072"
• Number of ribs: 7
• Bottom: Flat
Bow shape: Modified V

Key Features
• Center Storage Compartment - Utilize smart storage solutions with a spacious flip top and center seat storage compartment.
• Formed in Spray Rails - In order to deliver the incredibly dry ride Crestliner is known for, our spray rails are designed into the hull, instead of tack-welded on after the fact like most competitors' boats.
• Transom Handles - For easy mobility to and from the water.
• Oar Lock Sockets - Turn your CR Jons into a rowboat with ease.
• Seating - Seat, bench (2)
• Seat, center, w/gravity-fed livewell
• Plug, drain
• Eye, stainless steel (bow)
• Corner caps, formed (stern)
• Gunnel, extruded
• Spray rails, formed
• Paint Process, Enamel

Crestliner Warranty:

• Limited Lifetime Riveted Hull Seam Warranty:Crestliner will repair or replace, at its sole option, any defect in material or workmanship in a main riveted seam which is reported during the period of ownership of the original retail owner.

• Limited Pro-Rated Ten-Year Hull Warranty: If a defect in materials or workmanship in any other part of the hull is discovered within ten (10) years, Crestliner will participate in the repair of the defective part of the boat found to be defective.

Additional Equipment:

Find the perfect Mercury Outboard Motor for your Crestliner JON boat here.


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